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People are born... they live... and, in the end... they die. And, even after all, they can't understand This World.

But HE understood This World... very clearly understood this stupid, distorted and dishonest Real World. And this understanding is the main reason, why he can't accept It.

He made a mistake in his life... like others... he chose the wrong way... like others... he fell into his own dreams and illusions... like others... he chose the way of Magic.

But... while all Magicians were trying to defeat this world... or escape from it like Magic Gods into their own, infinitely distorted worlds... he decided to transform his illusions and dreams into Real World... he decided to change This World... not like others...

He has known as the greatest magician in the world who identified the world's Eon Of Osiris with it's displacement into Eon Of Horus and summoned the unknown Angel of this eon - Aiwass... The Golden Magician with magic name Beast 666...
The greatest trickster and scientist who based an Academy City and created Ability Users with an Artificial Scientifical Angel - Fuse Kadzakiri...
The beast in a human body... "Human" Aleister Crowley.