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там, де Небеса торкаються землі




травень :

I was left in the woods, no name in the dark/ all
Alone with the stars and the faces in bark/ a
Child in the brush cloaks moved in the shadows/
Quiet in the wind, blown smoke from the candles/
Raised by wolves under canine rules/ with
Magi for allies my frame size grew/ - 'til
Five years later after eighty two - I'd bump
'Paid in Full' on my way to school/ I
Forgot about the breeze in the trees/ and all of the
Animals and insects living underneath/ for
Got about the power of the stream/ and how the water
Raged over rocks, it was lost like I dream/
Now I reside in a maze of concrete/ and
Strayed from the place I was raised upon sheep/
No longer wild since my time as a child/
Time changes all its a sign of the trial/
I wanna run
Back to the woods/ and run back to the trees/
Away from the taste of the smog in the streets/
Back to the river with the leaves under feet/ running
Back just as fast as I can to retreat/
Tired of the metal and the cold and the grey/ I want to
Lay in the plants in the sun in the day/ and
Breathe where the air is fresh -/ - far away from
Machines/ and the smell of death/- - 'cause I was
Left in the woods never understood why/ found
Reason in the seasons, trees in the sky / a
Child in the brush, adopted by the wilderness/
Nurtured by natural, banished from villages/
Raised by wolves - my mother was a jackal/ My brothers were vicious, surviving the winters/
No longer wild since my time as a child/
Time changes all its a sign of the trial/


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